Jeff Mills, the iconic Techno pioneering producer, is set to release the final installment of his trilogy EP series for Exhibitionist 2. Exhibitionist 2 Part 3 brings the EP series to a close after the first two EPs focused on the studio mix section that followed up Mills' groundbreaking film Exhibitionist, released in 2004.

The recordings for Exhibitionist 2 Part 3 are taken from Jeff Mills‘ live performance in Leiden, Netherlands on February 21st, 2015. 

We had the chance to speak with Jeff Mills earlier this year to discuss various topics within the dance music realm, with a focus on the art of performing live. As the final installment of the Exhibitionist series focuses on his live performance, we urge you to hear it straight from Jeff Mills himself. Interview with Jeff Mills.

The finale to Jeff Mills' Exhibitionist 2 series will be released January 22nd, 2016. Watch the trailer below.

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Exhibitionist 2 Part 3 Tracklist:

A1. Live in Leiden Part 1
A2. Live in Leiden Part 2
B1. Live in Leiden Part 3
B2. Live in Leiden Part 4

Jeff Mills 2016 Tour Dates:

Jan 30th. Melbourne, Classical Performance wt. Derrick May
Feb 5th. Melbourne, Australia
Feb 7th. Sydney, Australia
Feb 12th. La Villa Rouge, Montpellier, France
Feb 13th. Link, Bologna, Italy
Feb 14th. “Berlin A Symphony” Cinemix, Geneva, Switzerland
Feb 17th. “Light From The Outside World” Classical Concert, Malmo, Sweden
Feb 19th. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Feb 20th. La Belle Electrique, Grenoble, France
Feb 26th. Club Malkovich, Verona, Italy
Feb 27th. Rotterdam, Netherlands

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