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Larry Heard Shares His First Mr. Fingers Material in Over a Decade

Larry Heard is back as Mr. Fingers with a quality EP
Larry Heard

Announced at the tail end of 2015, Larry Heard revealed he would be returning to his Mr. Fingers alias with a new EP. It's been over 10 years since we were graced with anything new from Mr. Fingers and long-time fans of the Chicago House pioneer were eager to hear what he's been cooking up. Heard has now shared the new material and it follows suite with the unique production we have come to expect from the legendary producer. 

Leading off the new EP is the minimalistic acid oriented track 'Outer Acid' that carries with it an overall mysterious motif. It's followed up by 'Qwazars', a dreamy and driving cut with a spacey feel that is simply blissful. The most club oriented track is 'Nodyahed' with it's intricately woven percussive elements and an infectious bass line. Finishing off the release is the relaxing take of 'Aether', a flowing atmospheric track with subtle piano melody and a light driving bass. Altogether, the new release is brilliant from start to finish and will be highly sought after upon it's release.

Listen to the tracks below and get ready for the release to drop in late February via Alleviated Records and Clone Distribution.

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