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Listen To Every Aphex Twin Song Played At The Same Time

It sounds a lot like you would expect...
Aphex Twin Just Released 10 New Songs On His Secret Soundcloud

Every track produced by Aphex Twin is unique in its own way. His ability to experiment with rhythm and texture has made him one of electronic music's most noteworthy producers due to the originality that exists within each production. With that being said, you're not going to hear much of his work in DJ sets all too often and mixing them together is not a common feat.

By using every track that has been released on Aphex Twin albums over the years, someone decided to take that idea to a new level. Not by just mixing a few Aphex Twin tracks, but by mixing all of them together, at the same time. 

"All the tracks were originally 320kbps and then transcoded to 320kbps again when rendering the final file. What I didn't realize is that with so much data playing at once exporting the file even at 320kbps would trim off a huge amount of information, making it sound more like 128kbps."

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The finished product is pretty much as you would expect, a bunch of droning, gritty textures with little variation. Except, as the track progresses and if you listen closely, you are able to hear numerous elements that are inherent in much of Aphex Twin's work. See if you can pick out your favorite tracks in the audio below.

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