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Magnetic's Top 10 Headphones Of 2015

Our favorite consumer and professional headphones of 2015

Magnetic's Top 10 Headphones Of 2015

We listened to a LOT of headphones in 2015, some great and some not so great. So in the spirit of all things "listy" we are bringing you our top ten faves (both consumer and professional) of 2015. From super highend earbuds to wireless over-ears we have picked some of the best models to grace our ears last year. 

#1 The AIAIAI Modular Headphone System

Nothing but wow here. AIAIAI have taken the game to a whole new level with their new modular system that lets you chose every component separately to create a customized version. Great for DJing, monitoring or just listening, but that all depends on the configuration you chose. 

#2 The Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Professional Monitoring Headphones

The latest edition of the classic DJ fave the HD-25 get's a nice little update and proves once again why it's the standard for so many DJ/Producers. They are light weight, tough and sound incredible when you are mixing and when you aren't. 

#3 Blue's Mo-Fi Headphones

This was one of our favorite consumer headphones in 2015 for a couple reasons. The design was like nothing we had ever seen before, with every detail thought of from the tension of the headband to the way the ear cups rest on your ears. Secondly the sound was mind blowing due to the onboard amp that is built in for superior sound on any device, especially mobile. 

#4 Trinity's Hyperion IEM

The UK's Trinity Headphones proved that you can make a great lower price point ear bud for under $50. The Hyperion IEM's blew us away with their incredible bass, amazing accessories and high quality ear tips. These ear buds sound like they cost two to three times as much. 

#5 Phonon 4000 DJ Headphone

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Japan's Phonon has been making a name for themselves slowly but surely with their high end cans. We tested the Phonon 4000 and were blown away with the sound quality and price point. These are no frills, high thrills DJ monitors. 

#6 V-MODA Crossfade Wireless 

V-MODA comes in late, but comes in strong to the wireless headphone game. These are the best wireless cans we tested all year and if you love the V-MODA M-100s you are going to flip over these. Excellent across the board.  

#7 Flare Audio R2Pro IEM Headphones

If you are looking for a serious pair of ear buds then the R2Pros are going to be right up your alley. These are some of the most impressive IEM's we've ever tested with crystal clear sound along with incredible bass and depth. The UK's Flare Audio is definitely one to watch in 2016. Beware though, while priced very well for their quality the R2Pro's don't come cheap. 


If you are looking for a really solid pair of all around ear buds that will take a beating, are priced well and sound top notch then the V-MODA Zn should do the trick. Like all V-MODA products these buds are built to last and don't compromise on anything, especially the sound. The buds also come with ear hooks so you can bolt them down when exercising. 

#9 Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless 

The Urbanite XL's are sort of like a Cadillac for your head. These bad boys are big and comfortable and make no apologies about it. The XL's are our other absolute favorite wireless models that we tested last year. The Urbanites feature a touch control on the side of the headphones so you can turn up the volume, skip tracks and take calls all with simple touch gestures. The controls are super handy but do take a little getting used to. The sound is nice and balanced with a good punchy bass that is just right for most music fans. 

#10 AKG K553 Pro 

To close out the list for 2015 we are selecting Harmon's AKG K553 Pro reference headphones. Yes, these are professional cans for the producer in the studio and the sound is flat and accurate for referencing purposes. For the price it's hard to beat the K553 pro in the professional arena unless you spend more dough. This is not really a consumer headphone, so look elsewhere unless you are an audiophile.

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