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Maya Jane Coles is holding nothing back in 2016. Over the past year she's been steadily supplying us with forward thinking productions under her Nocturnal Sunshine alias, but this year her musical output is going to return with more MJC material being released in the coming months.

Although there has yet to be a release date, Maya's informed her fans that the material is "75% done" and will feature that distinct vocal manipulation that has been a presence in her previous work. She recently spoke with DJ Mag to discuss her plans for wrapping up the album.

"I was really torn with the direction I wanted to go in, because obviously I make very different sounds," she explained to DJ Mag. "I've got the more song-based, home listening side and the more house tempo side, so instead of having a half-half thing, I thought: actually, I want to have one disc where it's based on the more melodic, song-based stuff, and the more - I wouldn't say bangin' club stuff, but a bit more up-tempo stuff on the other disc, and please everyone. As well as myself!"

We'll have to wait a bit to hear the album, but it sounds like it's going to be just what we want from her. Keep an eye out for more news coming from Maya Jane Coles in the near future. 

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