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Ephwurd is a bass-monster duo consisting of Datsik, one of dubstep's original innovators and don of Firepower Records, alongside his tour manager Bais Haus. They exploded off the strength of “Rock the Party”, their collaborative single with Jauz on Spinnin', and followed it up with the sensational, timely single “Duckface”. After a hot debut at Insomniac's Escape: Psycho Circus last October, they're launching their live show across the West Coast this month. For more information, we e-mailed the duo about their plans for 2016:

How did you two first start producing together, and when did your production work evolve into Ephwurd?

Bais Haus: We were both on tour with Steve Aoki when I showed Troy (Datsik) some stuff I was working on. I sent him the stems and a few months later our tune "Closer To The Sun" was out on his Let It Burn LP.
Shortly after that we started touring together and since we both love making music things kinda fell into place.

Why did you choose the name Bais Haus, and will there be any solo bass house releases from Bais Haus?

Bais Haus: Haha my name is Basie Hauser. My gamer tag has always been Bais Haus. The timing is pure coincidence..... Or is it illuminati?
Honestly probably not. Like why have bass house with Ephwurd then bass house with Bais Haus? Seems redundant. I've always loved pop music so once I start working on my first solo EP release it'll probably be a mix of a bunch of different stuff... And maybe some bass house influences will be in there.

With Ephwurd alongside your solo project's recent commercial turn via the Snoop Dogg/Ultra record, you're setting up for a successful 2016, but where does this leave your plans for Firepower Records and future dubstep work?

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Datsik: I am currently working on my next EP that is gonna drop in the spring, along side another tour! Im super excited to release these tracks I've been sitting on.. its been a while since I've dropped an EP but I think kids are gonna like whats in store! :)

One of your biggest hits last year was Rock the Party the collaboration with Jauz, how did it come together, were you friends prior to working together, did you work online or all three of you together in the studio/where, and who contributed to which aspects of the final production?

Bais Haus: Jauz has been a friend of Troys for a minute. The whole thing started by happenstance. Like we had just started Ephwurd and feel the volume had just come out. Our minds we kinda in the same spot so we figured a collab was appropriate. A lot of it was done remotely since we were all on tour at that time. 

I contributed the vocals, melodies, chords and a lot of weird FX in the background. Troy being the bass monster that he is handled the basslines with Sam, and then from there they both handled the drums. Arrangement was a key role in this tune. I think this song did so well because there was a little bit to play for everyone across most genres in "EDM"

The song originally started off as a big room tune, then we scrapped that and turned it into a trap tune. Once we got Sam involved is when we decided we should make it a bass house tune. All of those other elements were already present so we mashed it all together and the song was born. We honestly had no idea it was gonna blow up that hard though.

In general how do you two work together in the studio, whats the writing process and technical approach like?

Bais Haus: Its different every time which is awesome. We both come from such different backgrounds in music so whenever we bring new ideas to the table we are able to change shit up.

I've always loved house music and grew up playing analog synthesizers. I also grew up listening to jazz so my mind is wired to play out chords and melodies with weird sounds. Troy comes from a hip hop background and obviously dubstep so making the nastiest bass sounds has always been his strong suite. And once again back to arrangement. We both work on this to make sure the energy is always present. I think our histories and knowledge of the dance scene has lent itself to that. We both have done enough shows and listened to enough music to know how to keep the energy maximized.

It's cool cause since we've been working together we have learned a shit ton of new stuff so now like Troy is bringing dope melodic ideas to the table and I've started dialing my nasty bass sound skills.

What's next for Ephwurd: festival appearances, collaborations, future tour, EP or more singles, etc.?

Bais Haus: Music music music!! Lots of collabs coming up, a couple of remixes and a few originals. Sitting on like 8-10 tunes. We play some of them in our sets so if you wanna hear them, you gotta come to our shows ;)

We will be hitting the festival circuit which will be fun and some dates scattered throughout the year but we still wanna focus on making loads of new music. 

Ephwurd makes their San Francisco debut tonight with Ruby Skye, followed by Los Angeles tomorrow (January 15) and Seattle next Friday (January 22).

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