Midland Launches His Bandcamp With A Previously Vinyl Only Release

Midland - 'Before We Leave' now available for digital download
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Bandcamp may very well become an artist's main choice for how they share music due to the direct connection it provides. It becomes a "one stop shop" where fans can easily look through an artist's (or label's) entire library and get access to all of their music. Midland, is one such artist who seems to be getting in on the action. He took the Bandcamp route recently and launched his account with a previously vinyl only release, now available as a digital download.

'Before We Leave' was released in 2014 via Phonica Records and possesses intricate percussive riffs coupled with a soothing atmospheric layer and a deep synth melody that fills it with just the right amount of texture. Gerd Jansen's remix is particularly sexy as it transforms the track ever so slightly and makes it more suitable for late night club excursions. Listen to the Gerd Jansen remix below and head over to Midland's Bandcamp to check out more releases including his recently released Double Feature EP.

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