Mos Def Retires From Music After Immigration Issues Arise in South Africa

Mos Def relayed the information through Kanye West
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It appears that Mos Def is once again at the center of questionable charges as a news story from USA Today claims that the Black Star rapper has been formally charged for trying to use a fraudulent passport in South Africa. Mos Def (who's real name is Yasiin Bey) has been living in South Africa with his family for the last 2 years and according to the article he has been "the victim of a murky political conspiracy in Africa" and this is why (through Kanye West of all people) he has announced his retirement. 

Mos Def is quoted in his Kanye relayed message saying:

"They are making false claims against me, a world passport is not a fictitious document, 'It's been accepted here in South Africa on numerous early as 1996 and as late as 2013.'"


"I’m retiring from the musical recording industry ... and also from Hollywood effective immediately," he said in the audio message. "I am releasing my final album this year and that’s that."

Listen to Mos Def's entire statement here. 

For more information on this story you can check out the USA Today piece here or you can watch this short video on the entire story below. 

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