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New Analogue Bass Synth from Dreadbox

Dreadbox premiers the new Hades analogue bass synthesizer.

Getting the right bass tone for your productions is never an easy task. The frequency needs to be just right in order to properly compliment the melody and rhythm. Luckily, Deadbox has a new synthesizer to help you out.

Dreadbox premiered the new Hades Analog Bass Synthesizer, a desktop unit that can also be configured for Eurorack. The Hades comes equipped with three oscillators, one main and two sub, and a 3-pole 18dB/octave resonating low pass filter. As you would expect there is full ADSR control and even an LFO, an amp, and a drive knob. 

Hades Features: 

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  •  Full Analog Circuit only with Through Hole Components
  • 1x VCO with 2 suboctaves (3 voices in total)
  •  Pulse width and Glide controls
  •  3-pole 18dB/oct Resonating Low Pass Filter
  • OTA Distortion Circuit for extreme sounds
  •  OTA based VCA
  • 2 envelope Generators
  •  Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain (extra snappy and patchable)
  • Attack, Release (VCA hardwired)
  • Triangle Wave LFO
  • 8 point patch matrix eurorack compatible
  •  5 MIDI Octaves from C0 up to C5 or unlimited via CV/Gate

The Dreadbox Hades costs €279 and is available now for pre-order. 


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