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New South Wales Proposal to Ban Festivals In Order To Prevent Drug Overdoses

New South Wales officials are exploring ways to prevent drug overdoses

The New South Wales Premiere Mike Baird has proposed a possible ban of music festivals in and around Sydney in order to prevent drug overdoses. 

After the hospitalization of a 23 year old woman at Sydney's Field Day on New Year's Day, along with more than 200 people being treated by paramedics, Baird stated "enough is enough". He knows that individuals need to be more responsible, but he also thinks it's time for organizers to be held accountable as well.

“In the light of this latest distressing and avoidable incident, I will be asking the relevant ministers to review the current system of regulating events held on public land, including the system for granting permits for public events such as music festivals,” stated Baird. "If new rules and procedures place additional burdens and costs on organisers, so be it — and we will also examine denying permits to organisers who have not done the right thing in the past."

NSW Police Minister Tony Grant is on the same page as Baird, stating that if organizers do not meet the new demands, they will potentially be shut down. 

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"It's everybody's individual responsibility not to take drugs and put a gun in their mouth or play Russian roulette with God knows what they are going to ingest," stated Grant. "We're not going to say this is going to be an easy task, but it's about working together and getting that message out there. Education is the key. But, ultimately, if the events continue to cause deaths, well, the festivals will write their own scripts."

This follows a string of drug related deaths at music festivals in Australia, including a 19 year old man at Stereosonic Adelaid and a 23 year old woman at Stereosonic Sydney. 

[via: The Daily Telegraph, ABC]

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