Kick Off The New Year With This Workout Playlist

Don't break that New Years Resolution!
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The first few weeks of January can always be a little tough, with many of us still recovering from the excessive Christmas food binges, while nursing a monstrous hangover from New Year’s Eve, we find ourselves frantically writing up a list of resolutions to get the New Year off to a good start. From detoxes consisting of drinking nothing but celery juice for a week, to vows to take up knitting classes, and promises to stop drinking five cups of coffee a day, the New Year can inspire some drastic lifestyle changes. One resolution that is not completely unachievable is exercise; whether it’s going jogging, joining a gym, or simply cycling to work, what better way to revive yourself than with a little workout.

Every workout needs music, but carrying a smartphone while doing your best Usain Bolt impression can be pretty irritating, especially if your phone falls out of your pocket and smashes all over the gym floor…which is why the new smartwatches are great for listening to your workout playlist. There are loads of different smartwatches to choose from, but from what we can tell from the new designs, the Apple Watch is the best for exercising, because it includes the Workout app that tracks your pace, distance and calories burned, can store up to 2GB of music, and with Bluetooth headphones you can pretty much use it like an iPod. With retailers such as Chrono24 offering a range of new and used watches, The Apple Watch can be easily bought online.    

The Best Workout Tracks    

No workout is complete without the perfect playlist, which is why we’ve selected some of our favorite workout tracks to help you get into shape in 2016. Everyone has their preferences for the best music to work out to, as tastes vary from person to person. But if you’re stuck for ideas we would definitely recommend checking out ‘Feel Good Now’ by Mark Knight, a record that should be played at 5am “when you really should go home, but you’re hypnotized, you’re lost in the groove’ says Mark Knight on the website. If it can keep you going in the early hours of the morning, it can certainly keep you energized at the gym.

 For the reggae, soul and jazz enthusiasts out there, London based record label Soul Jazz Records have just announced their new releases for 2016, which feature archetypal punk and reggae compilations.

Now, everyone might not agree, but Drake’s top hit of 2015 ‘Hotline Bling’ is sure get you on the treadmill, watch the video

If you’re still lacking in motivation to hit the gym, then take your pick from our 15 best drum and bass tracks of 2015 chart, there’s nothing like some drum and bass belters to get you moving.    

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