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Watch A Beautiful Piano Cover of Aphex Twin's 'Jynweythek' That Actually Gets It Right

Using a "prepared piano" this woman brilliantly covers Aphex Twin's 'Jynweythek'
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Many have attempted to cover Aphex Twin's hauntingly beautiful piano melody of 'Jynweythek', but are unable to get the percussive elements that exist within the original. There are numerous versions on Youtube that possess the correct piano arrangement yet lack the distinct stylistic twang that Aphex Twin is able to produce.

The reason for this is due to something called a "prepared piano" which alters the sound of the piano by placing objects within the strings. We can speculate that Aphex Twin used this type of technique when producing the track, but as we have never seen him perform it, we may never know the exact set-up he used. 

There is in fact one cover that seems to get it correct. This woman took it upon herself to set up her own piano in a similar manner that Aphex Twin may have used. Watch the video below to hear the brilliant cover.

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NTS Radio recently shared a different version of this video via Facebook where the camera presents a view from inside the piano. Notice the different objects within the strings that allow the piano to produce the distinct sound.

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