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Dangerous 'Lion' Pills Currently Circulating In The UK, Potentially Lethal

Police have issued a warning for "killer lion ecstasy"
lion ecstasy pills

Potentially lethal orange ecstasy pills shaped like a shield and stamped with a lion or griffin are currently circulating in the UK.

After the deaths of two club patrons in Liverpool, Police issued a statement warning of the ecstasy tablets. 19 year old John Milburn and 47 year old Andy Glaister both attended the last Cream event at Nation.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Ephgrave said: "At this stage of the investigation, we are exploring a number of lines of inquiry and it is unclear if both men took illegal substances.

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"We are continuing our investigations today but would like to take this opportunity to remind people of the dangers of taking illegal drugs."

Just a few days later, 5 people were hospitalized in Birmingham after supposedly taking the "killer lion ecstasy", one is said to be in critical condition. 

Police and paramedics urge those who may have taken the pill to dial 999 at the first sign of complications.

[via The Mirror]

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