Premiere: Alluring House Music from Hunt for the Breeze & Nick AM - 'Trust'

Two artists on the rise share their first collaborative project
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Hunt for the Breeze & Nick AM

Hunt for the Breeze & Nick AM (photo by Lauren Engel)

Who do you trust? Perhaps you trust your family, maybe a friend, a lover, a spirit or even a God? Unconditional trust seems to be a rare thing in this world, but when you have it, a sense of comfort reveals endless possibilities. 

This seems to be the case with Nick AM and Hunt for the Breeze, two producers from NYC who recently began collaborating on some exciting dance music. Their first single comes in the form of 'Trust', a track that pairs retro-esque synths with gritty percussive elements and a driving melody. The track was made at a moment when both artists where in a place of artistic and personal vulnerability. 'Trust' sees them break out of that shell, into a new era of artistic expression.

"Trust' is a representation of our journey. We often walk in the dark, following a path only lit by the small light of our dreams. At times, we feel insecure in which direction to take and who to trust. But the one thing that always remains is our faith and trust between our friends as we support one another through the challenge of following that light."

Hunt for the Breeze & Nick AM - Trust

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