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Robert Toher has a few surprises in store for 2016. Previously a member of ERAAS, Toher has embarked on a new frontier in the form of his solo project, Public Memory. 'Ringleader' is already the second release off Wuthering Drum, which is fully released on March 18th. 

With 'Ringleader' comes a sense of immense mystery and anticipation. The production features ominous tones and an entrancing atmosphere. There exists an abysmal presence that yearns for enlightenment. Amongst the mist of the piano and drums lies something that most rhythm based tracks lack. 

Public Memory possesses the ability to let you embark on a dark and wondrous landscape of sounds and layers. There is the feeling of looking out into the unknown and a constant tension formulating a hybrid of man and machine. Despite the many layers in 'Ringleader', the core lies in the percussion. With the addition of a classic Korg MS-20, Public Memory has clearly shown that his focus is on electronic elements. The overtones of synths and piano have a profound affect on the track as whole while centering around the heart of the production. When complemented with the hazy vocals and the slightest touch of finesse on the piano, 'Ringleader' is a glimpse of what's to come in 2016. 

With the amount of saturation in the scene today, quality music will come to the forefront. It seems Public Memory has already caught onto this aspect. With 3 months still to go before the release of Wuthering Drum, it seems that timing is everything. In the depth and simple yet complex features of Robert's music, staying true to an organic and electronic hybrid will yield great rewards as the year progresses.

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Wuthering Drum is out March 18, it can be pre-ordered now via the felte webstore, click here.

Grab a free download of 'Lunar' by Public Memory, also featured on the forthcoming Wuthering Drum album.

Public Memory Wuthering Drum

Wuthering Drum Tracklist:

1. Heir
2. Mirror
3. Ringleader
4. Domino
5. Cul De Sac
6. As Your Wish
7. Interfaith
8. Zig Zag
9. Earwig
10. Lunar

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