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Rane Unveils New 2-Channel Rotary Mixer at NAMM 2016

Over the weekend at NAMM there were countless new pieces of gear, but one that really caught our eye was the new MP2014 Rotary Mixer from Rane.

Techno and House DJs rejoice! There will very soon be a new rotary mixer on the market made by none other than U.S. based company Rane. Showcased at NAMM 2016 this mixer is not only powerful but compact and relatively affordable. 


Last year Rane's MP2015 was a highly sought after mixer, but the four channel mixer was too costly for most DJs and music fanatics to afford. The new MP2014 will be coming with a price point of $1999, making it much more affordable, while still being quite costly. 

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The MP2014 was able to keep some of Rane's popular features such as:

  • External FX Loop
  • Dual USB ports, and sound cards for switching DJs
  • high-resolution filters that can switch between HP, LP. and Dual. 
  • Durable build with steel chassis and wood sides
  • Adjustable crossover

You can expect this mixer to make its way into the club scene, especially for techno heads. Hopefully we will be coming back with a hands on review soon so stay posted! For more info visit the the Rane website.

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