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ROLI Unveils the Seaboard Rise 49 Key

Innovative company Roli unveils new hardware just before NAMM '16
roli 49 key

With NAMM just days away, speculations and predictions are at an all time high. People are already seeing small glimpses into what companies have in store for 2016, and relatively new company ROLI is no exception. With the debut of their groundbreaking 'Seaboard Grand', and more recently the 'Rise', a 25 key version of their Grand, ROLI has just announce the perfect solution for those who need more than two-octaves, but aren't looking for a full 88 keys. 

For those who are unaware, the Seaboard and all it's iterations, is a 5 dimensional instrument and midi controller, capable of creating sounds and textures just not possible with other controllers without extremely advanced automation. ROLI created the Rise to give an organic feel to computer based music production, and with artists like the legendary Hans Zimmer giving endless praise, it's easy to see how this is something special. 

The RISE 49 retails for $1199 (£949, €1299). It is now available for preorder on It will ship in late February and be available at ROLI’s network of retailers in North America and Europe in the first quarter of 2016. 

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Stay tuned for more information, as we take on NAMM 2016 in only a few short days.

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