Stefano Noferini is a seasoned veteran within the dance music scene who's persistent dedication to his craft has delivered numerous hits and plenty of memorable DJ sets. The Italian artist has built up a reputation for delivering captivation House and Tech House oriented beats whether in the studio or the DJ booth and although he's been at it for decades, he's still very much in his prime.

Ahead of the upcoming Groove Cruise in Miami, we've tapped Stefano to select his top tracks of the moment. Many tracks which he mentions below have been heard in his recent DJ sets and you can be sure to hear a few during his slot on the cruise.

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1. Andre Butano & Miguel Lobo - 'Sizzurp Overdoze'

"Andre and Miguel are really active and prolific in this period. They produced a highly valued EP, full of funk influence. The sound is so actual that’s impossible not to play it."

2. Luca Lento - Upon Boulevard EP
[Antura Records]

"It’s a high quality minimal EP by one the most successful Italian producers. He’s a real new talent, who already reached the top of the charts. I think we should follow him carefully."

3. Alex Gori - 'Blur (Natch! & Dothen Remix)'
[Deeperfect Records]

"A great release for my label Deeperfect, by Italian producer Alex Gori. I think this remix by Natch! & Dothen, who are Italian too, is really excellent. Very hypnotic."

4. Danniel Selfmade - 'Parallel Lives'
[Beat It]

"It’s one of the tracks I played more last year. Danniel Selfmade is very prolific too, one of the most creative on the international minimal techno scene."

5. Gruuve - 'Wrong File'
[Deeperfect Records]

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"Gruuve is an Argentinian producer with a lot of talent. His unique sound mixes minimal and funk. This track is for true connoisseurs, I simply love it."

6. Leonardo Gonnelli - 'Tonada'
[Play It Say It]

"This track delivers ethnic sound on a good tech house groove, a fantastic melody and a riff that reminds me of the hypnotic tracks of the ’90s… Leonardo released a masterpiece."

7. Felix Kröcher - 'Stars (Umberto Pagliaroli Remix)'
[Deeperfect Records]

"The quality of this tech house track is so high. In this remix, there are some tribal percussions too, only a bit of them… and the result is simply magical!"

8. Reelow & Alex Fuente - 'Nobody Slow' 
[Monday Morning Records]

"It’s a very actual slow track. The groove is very precise, vocals are very good and the atmosphere seems perfect for an after-hour… I really love it."

9. Luca M, JUST2, Vzorov - 'Rock It (Stefano Noferini Re-Edit)
[Deeperfect Records]

"It’s my first release in 2016. I’m really proud of the re-edit of this classic Herbie Hancock. Working on it was pure lust."

10. Drastic Duo - 'Drum'n'Fun'
[High Pressure Music]

"This young Italian DJ duo are very talented. This time they deliver deep tech sounds in a track where a sub voice mixes perfectly with a percussive groove…"

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