Anthony Child is getting set to release his 7th album under his Surgeon alias, forthcoming via his very own Dynamic Tension imprint. 

When producing the new material, Child used vintage equipment in order to get the sounds he was looking for. This led to him believing that he was channeling frequencies from the far reaches of space. He describes the production process in further detail below.

“While exploring new production techniques using old and unlikely hardware, the results were so unusual that I really had the sense that these pieces of equipment didn’t actually create these sounds, rather they were in fact some kind of elaborate reception device that allowed me to tune into transmissions from Distant Galaxies,” explains Surgeon.

“The music I could hear was actually the received transmissions of Pop Hits from those Distant Galaxies that were being played on their radio stations. I quickly recorded all that I could before losing the transmission.

“I consulted with Dr Andrew Read, the astrophysicist with whom I recorded Guitar Treatments in 1999. He has worked on the discovery of the most distant galaxies and astronomical objects in the Universe. Together we came up with a possible list of where these musical transmissions may have come from.”

From Farthest Known Objects is due to be released January 29 via Dynamic Tension.


ULAS J1120+0641
A1703 zD6

Surgeon From Farthest Known Objects

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