The Creativity of MDMA Pill Pressing

A Tumblr account reveals the diverse world of pill pressing

No matter how you feel about drugs, you can't deny that these MDMA pill presses are getting pretty creative with their craft. In many ways it's also a bit scary due to the fact that they look like little candies when in reality they are pills filled with potentially high levels of MDMA or other chemicals.

I personally have never seen anything like what is pictured below. MDMA tablets now come in the form of Minions, Oreos, Walter White, Hello Kitty, and app logos like Tinder, Instagram, Skype and Snapchat. 

The folks over at MDMA-Team take it upon themselves to compile photos of numerous forms of tablets they come across, in person or on the internet. The result is a huge database filled with every kind of pressed pill imaginable. View the gallery below to see what we're talking about.

To view the complete gallery, visit MDMA-Team.

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