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The Return of Technics Comes With a Hefty Price Tag

Turntablists rejoiced earlier this week when Technics announced their new SL-1200G, but it has now been reported to cost a whopping $4000!

Earlier this week at CES, Panasonic and Technics announced the return of the SL-1200 class turntable. The newly upgraded SL-1200G Grand Class edition accompanies the companies 50-year anniversary and promises to improve on an already iconic model. The only problem is the price, which is rumored to be a whopping $4000, up from the original £1,200 for the SL-1200. 

This new price tag confirms that the turntables will remain a rarity, out of the reach of most casual fans who don't focus primarily on turntablism professionally. This however opens up the luxury market, which will only increase the excitement when anyone actually gets to use them. 

What makes these turntables cost so much? The switch to Hi-Fi audio is a major selling point, which could imply a raise in the price of many new turntables that will be coming in the next few years. The coreless motor eliminates the vibrations that plagued the older version, while the rotational sensors will even cut out remaining vibrations. 

The models are scheduled to be released this summer, so start saving up now if you want them. 

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Source: Musictimes

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