We're moving, we're grooving, we're not just dipping our feet into 2016, we're knee deep in it now and no looking back. This week our top Indie Dance chart has a lot to offer from some of the notable names releasing albums in 2016. It is all fresh and it is all very fine, so bring the positive vibes. All this chart needs now is a little bit of you, so get on with the fun. Read on for this week's top 10 indie dance tracks!

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"Planet E" Tiga, Counter Records

I heard this little ditty from the coolest Canadian last March. It haunted me and teased me, I just couldn't find it anywhere. Then Tiga unleashes it with the news that his next masterpiece album is nigh. With the joy that I'm feeling, I'm on planet Tiga! P.S. No big deal or anything, but this is an airport Hudmo collab too.

"Cherry Juice" Nick Monaco & David Marston, Wolf + Lamb Records

The Crew Love conquest continues with a collaboration of two of their young crew members. The sexual creature Nick Monaco and the Jamaican guitar maestro David Marston come together for a joint album "Island Life", and the results are not mixed, they are fantastic. Inspired by tropical fruits, thunderous nights, exotic figures and post card scenery, Monaco and Marston get it, get it.

"Good Lovin'" PillowTalk, Crew Love

So, this list is Crew Love heavy, sorry not sorry! PillowTalk come through with a sultry reimagining of Marvin Gay and Tami Terrell's "If This World Were Mine". The PillowTalk dudes imbue it with so much soul, just a wonderfully relevant reinvention of a timeless track.

"I Don't Love You" DJDS, Body High

The combined powers of Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL in DJDS always deliver something transcendent. These Los Angeles loving lads pour all the feels into their productions, and on their latest release, they deliver a heartbreaking message with such a sweet sound.

"The Sneeze" argonaut&wasp

First off, god bless you. Second off, who knew sneezing could sound so good? Funky and ferocious, argonaut&wasp sneeze it all out in this song. This production takes a delightful voice and puts the perfect instruments behind it. All that is needed next to complete the recipe is a pair of ears and some dancing feet, so lend your ears and get those feet moving.

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"Love Dimension" EagleClub

EagleClub take it back to take it forward with this composition deftly embracing retro italo disco synthwork. Here is a track that's perfect for an evening drive or a brisk stroll through a city just after dusk. You'll feel the cool oozing out of you with every breath. 

"Cellophane (Moullinex Remix)" Miami Horror

Moullinex takes a Miami Horror tried and true track for a late night ride. With an interesting dichotomy of soft and hard, this track cuts deep with a tenderness.  

"Say A Prayer For Me" RÜFÜS DU SOL, Foreign Family Collective

The boys are back, and in 2016, they're unleashing an absolute beast of an album. Releasing on Odesza's Foreign Family Collective, this single from RÜFÜS is a work of emotive dance music, true to form from the FFC label. 

"bdkmv" RYAN Playground, SAINTWOODS

I'll keep it short and sweet. You should recognize something going on this song, and when you figure it out, you'll smile. Next, you'll love the track. 

"Cancer in the Water" Clarence Clarity

This might not be the newest track on the block, I'll be honest, I completely missed it. Yet, I couldn't let it go by, undiscussed and unadored. Clarence Clarity's got a big, bright sound, and here is a track where he sings it all out, plays it all out. 


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