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Sometimes selecting the right songs for these charts is laborious, a work of love mind you. Other times, it seems the good music finds you like an avalanche in the most non-dangerous way. This week our top Indie Dance chart is brimming with songs that need to be heard! Bounce, cry, dance, do what you got to do, but most importantly, press play and check out the latest in our top indie dance chart!

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"Atlas" Les Gordon, Kitsuné

Good old Kitsuné always releases songs lush with life and youth. Les Gordon is a bouncy track that is as much breathy as it is jumping up and down. It's ethereal and aptly described as a "one way ticket to Les Gordon's paradise."

"Clap Eyes" HVOB, Stil vor Talent

HVOB dives deep and dances with your heart. They are just that powerful of a band. This track makes a whole lot happen with those bongos, and then that voice has so much heartache. This song simply takes you away.

"Either/Or" Mt. Si, CASCINE

Here we have a collaborative project from Sarah Chernoff of Superhumanoids, Jesse Kivel of Kisses and Classixx's Michael David. Here's what Jesse has to say about this wonderfully retro inspired of indie dance pop: 

"We’re all friends who originally got together to work on songs for the first Classixx album,” explained Jesse. “Mike and I wrote a track that I was supposed to sing, but Sarah came in and stole the show. From there we realized that we had good chemistry as a trio, writing and producing in a subtle, refined way. We’ve been slowly chipping away at songs for almost four years now. A relaxed and loose approach to the project, never settling until we have a great track has been one of the guiding principles.”

"Love for Breakfast" Overjoy, Sweat It Out! Music

Overjoy are a Los Angeles based trio who use their synth mastery for the great cause of making deeply emotive music. Come with them now with eyes wide shut and destroy that dance floor. Check out their podcast they just did for us!

"I'm In Control" AlunaGeorge ft. Popcaan

AlunaGeorge are back, and with a wonderful taste of dancehall in their new stylings. Clearly their time in the studio with Diplo had a great impact as this track bears an uncanny similarity to the Major Lazer style. I also don't say that as a negative in any sense as this track still is definitively AlunaGeorge.

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"OB-8" Shit Robot, DFA Records

So, everything James Murphy isn't all about LCD Soundsystem, his indie dancepunk label DFA is putting out fresh innovative music all the time. Here is one of their stalwarts Shit Robot delivering a refreshing techno ride. 

"Mothers" Designer + Four Tet, Text

When Four Tet releases a track you listen to it, and unless you really have bad taste, you love it. Designer & Four Tet come together for a hypnotic and wild work that is the right kind of vibrant.

"Das Tor" HRRSN

One of my favorite German producers and singers released this as a thank for 5000 followers. There is something wonderfully reminiscent to Underworld's classic "Born Slippy" at play here. It's ambient and slow building. 

"Battery" Fatima Al Qadiri, Hyperdub Records

If it's a Hyperdub release, you know it's innovative and of the highest quality. Dark and hard hitting, "Battery" from Fatima Al Qadiri feels like it is locked in conflict with a very cunning monster of an enemy,

"Keep Up" Crown Ruff, Paradise Ltd.

Let's close this chart out with a nice work of chill nu-disco. Kick back and let the sonic vibrations from Crown Ruff soothe you and ease you into the weekend. This song is cool, cool, cool.


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