Trinity ATLAS IEM Headphone Review

Incredible customizable sound from the UK headphone disruptor
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trinity atlas

Customize Your ATLAS for perfect sound

Trinity caught my attention with the Hyperion, an in-ear headphone that blew the doors off anything in its price range. This UK company did the unthinkable; they created a fantastic product for a reasonable price, what a novel concept. 

The Trinity ATLAS is the new offering from the enterprise, and it has been positioned as their top of the line model, at least for the moment. 

The first thing I immediately noticed about the ATLAS was all the components for such a small product. The package came with two tiny cylinders that store the five different tuning filters, a nice hard case (identical to the Hyperion) a variety of ear tips and three cables. 

The ATLAS is loaded with options, you can change the cable, ear tips and filters to dial in your perfect experience. This model features neodymium 8mm dynamic drivers plus custom tuned single balanced armatures packed into our precision engineered ergonomic aluminum shell. 

trinity atlas

A filter for every taste

I tried all the filters and all the cables and arrived at my favorite configuration, but I'll get into that later. 

The new ATLAS boasts a "nano-coating" technology that supposedly can repel liquid quite well as well as corrosion. In other words, these little guys can handle your ear sweat with no problem, or any other moisture problem that might arise.

I don't have time to go that deep, but the overall construction of the units seems quite reliable and most likely will hold up to the normal wear and tear quite well. 

I took the headphones running and wasn't thrilled with them as a "sports" headphone. The two sports cables that are supplied are just too thick and clunky; they don't drape down your torso as they should. You are immediately conscious of both the weight of the cable and the little metal nuggets in your ears. I could just not get them to stay in when I was jogging at a medium pace, which was super frustrating considering they were being touted as a workout headphone to some degree. 

The good news is that despite being poor as workout headphones, they sound incredible. You can dial in the sound, and when you get the perfect seal with your tip of choice, you will be in heaven. 

The filters do truly make a difference and allow you to dial in your perfect vibe. My perfect set up was the braided cable because of its more ergonomic drape and the yellow filter for the well-balanced sound with a slight elevation on the bass. Every detail is there. At this level of sound quality, you start to split hairs with the critique, so I'll leave that to the audiophile peanut gallery. 

These buds sound fantastic and for around $210 you won't find much else out there that will compete in the price range. I took these buds through a variety of genres as per usual, and they handled every song with aplomb. 

Trinity is on to something; these guys know how to make IEM's at a price point that is manageable for most music fans and delivers impeccable and customizable sound.


 Balanced Armature + 8mm neodymium dynamic drivers

5 x Interchangeable tuning filter system

Impedance 16Ohm

Sensitivity 110 +/- 3DB

Frequency response 19 - 21000HZ

24ct Gold Plated 3.5mm Jack

1.2M & 0.6M Cable with remote & Mic/1.2M Multi-braid cable (non-remote/mic)



RED = Enhanced bass. Offering a V shape signature while retaining plenty of musical detail

ORANGE = V shape signature with slightly decreased bass

YELLOW = Neutral + Offering a more balanced sound signature with a very slight increase bass over neutral with a great mid and high range sparkle

PURPLE = Neutral - Offering a more balanced sound signature across the frequencies.

GUNMETAL = Treble. Offering a reduced bass signature with a focus on upper mids and treble.

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