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Vestax Makes a Comeback with New Mixer and Turntable

The founder of the bankrupted Japanese tech company Vestax plans its revival.

Hidesato Shiino, the founder of Vestax, has announced plans for a new line of products. Vestax is known for their turntables and mixers that tended to lean on the less expensive side of the market, which makes learning to DJ more readily available to many that otherwise could not afford it. 

The company filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2014 and is now attempting to make a comeback. Shiino confirmed in a blog post that a new mixer, turntable, power and pre-amplifier, SP system and signal devices are all set for release beginning March 2016. Each product will be released in limited runs of 10-20 units per month. 

The blog posts also contains Shiino's apology to DJs for the decline in quality of Vestax products following his departure from the company in 2002, as well as his promise to revive the brand with products of respectable quality. 

[via: DJTT]

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