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Waldorf Synth Waves Hello to 'Eurorack Pack' at NAMM 2016

Our love for hardware is ever growing with the splendor presented by this years NAMM show.

German synthesizer developer Waldorf Music announced their new 'Eurorack Pack' at this years NAMM show. The Eurorack pack is comprised of the kb37 controller keyboard, and three new modules for the ever present Eurorack format to accompany the already-available nw1 wavetable module launched last year. 


If you are new to hardware synthesizers this may sound confusing to you, but essentially it is 4 new "add-ons" or plug-ins for a synthesizer that Waldorf released last year. The new modules are the cmp1 compressor module, dvca1 dual vca module, mod1 modulation module, and nw1 wavetable module.  

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The mod1 modulator module contains three different modulation sources, from simple envelopes and LFOs to multistage curves. The dvca dual vca module centers around two VCAs (voltage-controlled amplifiers) with multiple functions including musically coloring the source signal. The cmp1 compressor module is a high-end analogue compressor that can also be used to sidechain the signal. Lastly the kb37 controller keyboard powers all 4 modules and has a full 37-note keyboard with the built-in Eurorack to place all of the modules. 

The nw1 wavetable module is already available for €345.00 and the rest are expected to be shipped Q3 of 2016. Find out more here.

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