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Weekly Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart - 1.14.16

Fresh cuts from the likes of Noisia, Culture Shock, Dawn Wall, Mind Vortex and more

You said it Queenie! Buckle up and welcome to the new year my little fiends. 15 days into 2016 and I've already smashed a worryingly large mirror to bits and pieces. Good thing I don't need luck to know what absolutely stonking Drum and Bass sounds like huh! It appears the DnB mill has been a-churning over the silly season and there's a bountiful buffet of music to get stuck into. Big fat serving spoons at the ready - we're going in!

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Scroll to the bottom to listen to the whole dang ting....

'Into The Night (Dawn Wall Remix) - NERO 
[MTA Records]

Let the record show, I booted the AI & Dawn Wall track 'Fallen' to include this bad boy..I have no regrets at the end of the day though. Sublime.

'What R U Doing (Trei Remix)' - North Base ft. Ragga Twins
[Viper Recordings]

Heading up the Beatport best of's for several weeks and understandably so. Trei is a Kiwi lad too - so big up! Not so shabbyfor a nation full of sheep huggers huh.

'Let It Roll' - Counterstrike & Rido
[Let It Roll]

Vaulting off the back of the formidably great Czech festival of the same name (which is still on my bucket list) this is the first tune to launch from the new Let It Roll label. Plenty more sickness to come!

'Possession' - Noisia and Ivy Lab
[Division Recordings]

Fresh off their cleanup at the DnBArena awards last December, Noisia have hooked up with the lads from Ivy Lab to maverick something legitimately different and disorientating. I think that's a good thing!

'Drop It Human' - Audio
[RAM Records]

Consider it dropped! Unless I'm holding the new cuts from which case, bugger off - they're all mine.

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'Piano Dark' - Culture Shock
[RAM Records]

When it comes to piano work, this ain't no rendition of chopsticks. Culture Shock delivering an outright creeper here. Better turn on all the lights.

'Rock 'N' Roll' - June Miller & Teddy Killerz
[RAM Records]

No offish release date yet so this may be yanked down at any second but I'm willing to take the risk. Rock n roll ma'effers...

'Futurefold' - Mind Vortex
[RAM Records]

The profanity laden comments section of this tune on Soundcloud tell me all I need to know about the cinematic glory that is Future Fold. Even before it all kicks in at the 50 second mark.

'Outatime - Cyantific
[Viper Recordings]

Well slap me sideways and chuck me in a Delorian - Cyantific's new cruiser winds and looms with practised skill.

'Constellations' - Fred V & Grafix
[Hospital Records]

I love, love, love me a bit of Frafix and I remain as completely and utterly undisappointed as ever. Is beautiful no?

Cue it up!

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