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Weekly Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart - 1.25.16

Featuring tracks by Keeno, Metrik, Loadstar, The Clamps, Document One and more
Photo sourced from Solovov Photography via

Photo sourced from Solovov Photography via

You know what's excellent on a hangover (aside from bacon - always bacon) - Drum and Bass. Not Liquid Drum and Bass. I'm going out on a limb here and big upping the naughty stuff. 'Let's put on something mellow' yodelled a colleague this morning, post Christmas work party. And then - 'Ooh who's music is this? It's perfect!' chortled another. I reached, wincing, for my headphones and pelted on some face grating Agressor Bunx. It was blissful and I was very happy with my decision making... Until I realised I was still drunk. Fast-forward an hour and one belting headache later...."Loving that ABBA mate!" I moaned white-faced over the partition. Lesson learnt. Drunk or not drunk today - enjoy the dnb!

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“Perspective” - Keeno ft. MC Fava[Hospital Records]

Keeno can do no wrong. Beautiful as ever and working those vocals and pianos. Bit of a chatski intro here but good for a listen! Tune starts roughly around 4.26ish for those who are antsy and impatient like me.

“Thug” - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind[Blackout Music]

Both artwork and tune, not for the fainthearted!

“Terminus” - Metrik[Hospital Records]

Dropping off the 2016 Hospitality compilation and preluding a new Metrik album at the end of Jan - this track has got a lot of chops!

"Social Disorder" - The Clamps[Trendkill Records]

Mysterious Hardstyle Drum and Bass producer here - all I can seem to gather is that he has roots in Techno and that he is a he. Just call me Sherlock! 

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"Pathways" - Ed:It[Shogun Audio]

Ed:it recently signed exclusively to Shogun - happy new year to him! This is the first laid back track of what is sure to be a cracking run.

"Lifeline" - Loadstar[RAM Records]

Pop laced Drum and Bass but if it's going to drag a lot of people into the DnB fold, I'm all for it. Gateway DnB.

"Centaurus A" - Allied[BNKR (MethLab Recordings)]

Dubbed out futuristic sound - yes! A powerful and driven roller. Put this dubby-Techno in your pipe and smoke it! Or something. BNKR is MethLab's stripped-down experimental label.

"Amnesia" - Agressor Bunx[EatBrain]

Agressor Bunx getting the eyebrows raising...if you like Noisia, if you like Audio... you now like Agressor Bunx.

"Snowflakes" - Muffler[Bad Taste Recordings]

Piano underlay on this works a treat. Soothing. Want to rub my face in it.

"Run The Block" - Document One[Technique Recordings]

This is unique. We have Hip Hop twisted Drum and Bass here kids. Not your run of the mill - see what you think!

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