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Weekly Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart - 1.29.16

All the best Drum and Bass from the past week featuring Calibre, Andy C, Break, Enei and more

Photo sourced from Hospital Records Facebook page

The floodgates be open and Drum and Bass is pouring from the sky!  Not only via the release charts but at Hospital Records' Dolby Ultrasound launch at Ministry last Saturday as well. At times it literally felt as if my body was immersed and swimming inside the beat. If this is the future of clubbing - sign me up! A lot of hard graft went into reconstructing the tunes for the night (read about that here) and in my personal opinion, it was indisputably a roaring -resonating- success. I'd also like to personally congratulate myself- for not getting lost again in the Ministry of Sound toilets like a knobber. Trust me, it happens. Pats on the back all round! 

Last week's tunes and tings....

'New Era' - Andy C[RAM Records]

A new track from the Don himself. What does the C stand for? Anyone know? Five high fives for anyone who guesses correctly!*

* I'm lying. This is a falsified prize. Also - I don't know.

'Lust Thrust' - Krakota[Hospital Records]

I first heard this delicious tune in the below vid... you can see for yourself why I love it.

'The Order' - Agressor Bunx[EatBrain]

The name has been lodged firmly in my head all week. Let's have some more then!

'Witchdoctor' - 1991  [MTA Records]

New MTA sign! Apparently Dimension has been dropping this tune in his sets and someone on YouTube said they would 'let this song finger me'...which is not too shabby as recommendations go really, is it! Ahem.

'The View (Calibre Remix)' -DRS ft. LSB & Tyler Daley[Soul:r]

The original of this was the tune at Ministry - I think it may be my favourite drum and bass track of all time. Can't help but include the Calibre remix here. Too good.

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'No More' - Culture Shock ft. Josh Parkinson[RAM Records]

Release four of four from Culture Shock's new EP, 'Transit' - dropping today friends!

'Obscurity' - Allied[BNKR (Meth Lab)]

Slow and low and the second time in two weeks we've had Allied on the hit list (I've been saving it up for drip feed).

'Ritalin' - Klax[Critical Music]

Self explanatorily bursting with a shit ton of antagonistic energy - g'wan!!!!!

'Now You're Gone (Break Remix)' Facing Jinx ft. Alexsia Louca[Fokuz Recordings]

That signature Break twist...

'Bun Ya Too (Enei Remix)' - MC DRS, Marcus Intalex, Chimpo[Soul:r]

Bad, bad, bad, bad, BAD tune! 

The line up:

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