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We have music no matter what. We lose people, but we have their music no matter what. It’s unbreakable unlike us. Music is fresh and then throwback and then classic. We are young and then have a mid life crisis and then old. It has a funny reversal in how it makes us feel as we age. The “classics” will make us feel young again, serving as memory cues to a time when the only joints you had to worry about were the kind you light. It brings life and remembrance of timeless moments with friends and family gettin' down on the good foot with yo’ bad self. I may only be 29 but I see it in your faces when you’re scooting on the dancefloor you free spirits of the 60’s and 70’s. Music was certainly different then but the true legends, those we lost recently like the Starman and Mr. Take It Easy were what I and many were raised on. The kinds of musicians that made us appreciate loving music and being unique and wanting to discover our own version of that as we found the sound of our time. We lose legends but we gain understanding that music is what keeps us locked together, unbreakable in spirit and thank the stars for that.

“Apogee (RJD2 Remix)” Tycho, Ghostly International

What an incredible duo to see working together on a track. 2016 is starting off right with some well imagined collabs, in this case the phenom RJD2 reworking one of Tycho’s lesser known tracks off the new album. He slows the flow in the beginning, letting its hair down before thrashing it around with some choppy arrangements. It essentially inverts the overall tempo timeline of the original but keeps the same cool handed vibe that we love in Tycho. Check out all the new remixes on his new Awake Remixes EP featuring Com Truise, Baio and others out now!

“Give It All (Bondax Remix)” Foals

Let’s talk facts, Bondax! The brit beat boys are back with a spicy concoction of ambient lush sounds and a thumpin bassline that pairs well with rocker group Foals. We haven’t heard much on the remix front since early 2015 from these gents so it’s splendid to have them back in the game and on the decks. Cheers to their great ears showing us how to expertly select and reimagine a track/genre that one might not expect a remix of.

“Metaphysical (Eau Range Remix)” Autograf, Ninja Tune/Counter Records

Usually I’m featuring a remix by these dudes, not of them. The lil lady from DC, Eau Claire is putting out the hottest of disco blended house music out there right now, firing up my speakers with some of the best mixes I’ve heard in a hot minute. This is a bit more deep and disco but when remixing a group in my wheelhouse you are fair game for a feature. She’s brought a funky danceability to the original mellowish track and you best be pulling some JT moves out on that dancefloor or you ain’t doing it right.

“Runaway (Speaker of the House Remix)” Galantis, Big Beat Records

And you thought the Runaway remixes were done with. NOPE. One of the crispest conductors in the melodic house scene, Speaker of the House is here to celebrate the five year anniversary of Big Beat Records and he’s brought with him the best remix of this track I’ve heard to date. It’s still got the thumpin tempo but it’s more a magic carpet ride than a build up and drop rollercoaster like the original. He’s once again taken a hit and made it his own, bravo amigo.

“Airport Song” Overjoy, Sweat It Out Music

LA soundmakers Overjoy have quite the career in front of them. Their lush percussive, synth soaked production by Métty and Hoff cues tranquil memories and the sensuous vocals by Lex Famous wrap you up in all the right ways, making life a bit more lovely. Its nothing but good vibes on this train headed for the carefree coast. Check out their new Magnetic Mag podcast mix below and be sure to keep your ears directed their way for more beautiful beats.

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“Reichpop” Wild Nothing, Bella Union

A new Wild Nothing album is something to celebrate and look forward to. The masters of music introduce the upcoming “Life Of Pause” LP with a groovy tune blossoming with dance pop good vibes reminiscent of Cut Copy, Van She and Goldroom. The xylophone throughout is lit and vibrant and reminds me of Hans Zimmer’s “You’re So Cool” score from True Romance.

“Needs feat. Andrew Ashong” Submotion Orchestra, Counter Records

Submotion Orchestra has risen to the top of must-see list after listening to this stunning track featuring Andrew Ashong. The full band out of Leeds, UK carries a layered peppering of instrumentals throughout their tracks. The oozing trumpet, high hat ticking percussion, loungey guitar and jazzin keys and vocals all fire off together and stand on their own. Thank the stars above they have a full album and full live tour in the works. ‘Colour Theory’ launches February 19th on Counter Records, stoked!

“Angel Echoes (Simona Drive Edit)” Four Tet

Lo-fi is always a breath of redwood tree soaked air, ethereal in its structure and motivation. Out of London comes Simona Drive with a fresh deeper edit of Four Tet’s classic. Its twinkling, delicate dressing is like looking at something that is too beautiful to touch because you think it might shatter with the slightest nudge. Its pulse is the kind you want to match your heartbeat to as you scoot and twist slow around the dancefloor. Maribou State originally debuted this on their BBC Residency a few months back but it deserves some love now too.

“Genghis Khan (Louis The Child Remix)” Miike Snow, Downtown Records

Having just release their own remix package for “It’s Strange”, Louis The Child is flexing their muscles grabbing an official remix slot for the legends Miike Snow. The sound around the one minute mark is something out of an old school N64 video game and I freakin love it. This is a mega chiller track by the Chitown duo set to make a big to do in their Coachella debut in April. Can’t wait to hear it blast out the speakers over the polo fields.

“Aurelia (Internet Champagne Remix)” LANKS

Melbourne crooner Will Cuming (LANKS) has the pipes and production prowess as that of fellow Oz one man band Chet Faker. As we see the rise and headliner spots that Chet is receiving at Lightning In A Bottle and CRSSD Fest, I have no doubt the ears will start turning to this excellent musician with a bit of a darker synth tone to his sound. And then Wa-POW, here comes Internet Champagne just gettin this track so pitted with some down unda uptempo funkification, still maintaining the shadowy complexion.

Full chart for easy listening. Enjoy!

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