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What Secret Weapons are Your Favorite Artists Using in Their Productions?

Henrik Schwarz reveals his secret weapon for producing in the studio

Everyone who wants to get into music production tends to look to their favorite artists for inspiration, not only in song writing but also in sound design and overall production quality. New producers are always wondering what exactly each artist is using in different situation to make a certain thing sound a certain way. As broad as that is, producers know the struggle all too well. 

SECRET WEAPONS, a series by showcases the little secrets and special pieces of equipment that specific artists find themselves using consistently. This time around is Henrik Schwarz as he shows us his secret weapon, a reverb software called Vienna MIR Pro Software. 

Vienna MIR Pro allows artists to place numerous instruments all into one room, with a specific reverb, and choose exactly where in that room each instrument sits. 

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You can find the Vienna MIR Pro Software here

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