Yondr Creates Phone-Free Spaces For Venues

No more selfies on the dancefloor with Yondr
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Our phone obsession has finally caught up to us with venues and artists trying to implement policies that discourage cell phone usage during performances. However, I don't see security tackling an attendee for whipping out their phone anytime soon (unless you pull a Ritchie Hawtin). 

In a world where the concept of leaving your cell phone at home can cause some of us to experience some serious anxiety, we don't realize the toll it has on our ability to experience moments. 

"If a girl doesn't snapchat a video of the DJ, was she really there?" 

If you you attend a show and spend the entire duration of the set behind your cell phone, what have you actually experienced? Proceeding to tweet, "OMG!?! THE SHOW IS AMAH-ZING!" With an encouraging endorsement from Dave Chappelle, the world of music attendance may just be in need of Yondr. Yondr is a company who's mission is to give venues and artist an easier way to create phone-free spaces. And before everyone's panties get in a twist about not being able to tweet during a show, hear 'em out! 

Yondr provides venues/artists bulk orders of specially designed phone pouches that lock while in "phone-free" zones within a venue, but unlock in areas designated for phone usage (i.e, bathroom, lobby, etc). With Yondr's new technology, artists or venues can now create environments where you are pretty much forced to relinquish the social media addiction and actually witness what you paid for! Part of Yondr's vision on their website states:

"Smartphones have fundamentally changed how we live. How to integrate them into our lives as a useful tool, rather than a compulsive habit, is a question that needs an answer.We think smartphones have incredible utility, but not in every setting. In some situations, they have become a distraction and a crutch—cutting people off from each other and their immediate surroundings."

Imagine a world in which whenever we go to a show, we receive a little case into which we drop our precious as we enter. Having our phones on us, should subside the ever growing need to throw ourselves into the nearest wi-fi accessible area even though whenever the urge strikes to take a selfie on the dancefloor, you can't! So if you want to take some selfies, you'll have to be happy with having toilet stalls as your background. 

"Yondr has a simple purpose: to show people how powerful a moment can be when we aren’t focused on documenting or broadcasting it."

At the end of the day, Yondr's mission is an interesting one and the people who they're marketing to aren't the patrons, but venues and artists. Long gone are the days where the customer is always right! Bye-bye to Snapchat on the dancefloor. 

Learn more about Yondr here.

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