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You're Not You When You're Drunk

Don't be like these people.

Among the many feelings that the holidays and new year bring upon us, one of the few unexpected emotions is the crushing and heart breaking feeling of getting kicked out of a venue. From your favorite watering hole to the obscene amount of money you did or did not pay to get into some of Vegas' top joints, getting kicked out sucks. On top of that, getting kicked out and having to face the harsh elements of the outside world only adds insult to injury. 

You came to the club for a reason and now you're outside amongst the others who are also having a bad night. Dependent on where you live, it might even be a bit chilly outside. All of this combined with how hard you pre-gamed can combine for a rather frustrating state of mind, to say the least. In any case, are things really as bad as they seem? In hindsight things can always be worse, however in the moment it may seem like life or death. To obtain the behaviors of human beings in this kind of state is best captured on film. On New Year's Eve last year, one bouncer did exactly that and the results can be astonishing. 

The first hand account of numerous club goers being kicked out from Gatsby's in Toronto last New Year's Eve is insightful, disturbing and a self-image of some types of people out there that don't know when enough is enough. A surprisingly calm, cool and collected bouncer is tasked with giving people the bad news that they cannot come back inside. With the addition of alcohol and other fun-inducing extra curricular activities, patrons' tempers fly and the plea bargains ensue. Surprisingly no one was hurt during the filing of this expose and hopefully we can all learn a little something about how to treat one another.

You can watch the situation unfold in the video below.

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