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Here's How a 20-Day Drug ‘Binge’ Evoked 20 Different Illustrations

Brilliant images produced by an artist while on drugs like DMT, Ketamine, MDMA, THC and more

20 different drugs in 20 days sounds like a daunting task for anyone, but one artist set out on a mission and the result is truly fascinating. 

Brian Pollett, who goes by the name Pixel-Pusha, took a different drug every day for 20 days and illustrated each experience. 

"The entire project has compromised my sanity, my finances, and my reputation. Though the pay off has been all worth while..."

It's easy to imagine how the daily intake of drugs can exhaust a person, but Brian says the experience has made him a better person.  

"More apparent than ever, I see psychedelics have changed my core being. I am more open, honest, empathetic, forgiving, and courageous." 

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We can see from the illustrations that the psychedelics evoked a more pleasurable experience for Brian, while drugs like Ether, Poppers and Codeine might not have been as positive. 

Taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the drugs were legit was of the utmost importance. Brian told A+ that he used testing kits on each substance so that he knew what he was ingesting would yield the results he was looking for. 

Check out the gallery above to see how each drug affected his artistic expression.

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[via: Metro]
[Illustrations by Pixel-Pusha]

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