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3 Reasons Why You'll Never Want To Shop At American Apparel Again

Why Philadelphia-based brand Thread Society will be the only basic's brand you'll shop this spring.

Would you believe someone if they told you they made "The Softest Shirts in the World?" No? Well, in this case, you should. Thread Society isn't just the creator of the world's softest shirt, but also the creator of the "Shirt-for-Shirt" campaign– a project dedicated to giving back to communities in need. So why do we think Thread Society is the new American Apparel?

1. They're Always Giving Back

Thread Society has an amazing "Shirt-for-Shirt" campaign that gives back to people and communities in need. Did you always know you wanted to give back to the community in this way? Where have you donated to so far?

Jason Hricko (JH): Giving back has always been central to our mission as a brand. All of the founders of this company agreed that doing something positive for our community was paramount to our success and we've pursued this since day one. We have donated thousands of dollars worth of essential clothing items to children in need throughout the region, as well as doing charity work with organizations like Caring For Kids of Kenya, The Philadelphia Childrens Alliance and Penn State THON.

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How did you come up with the idea of Thread Funding? Was it something you wished you had available when you were advertising your business?

JH: The idea of "crowd funding" isn't new. Many brands try to raise money for their organization in support of their mission. Thread Funding was just a fun moniker and branding device we could use to help our customers complete their social missions by using our apparel as a fundraising tool. Giving organizations and individuals the ability to print great apparel with no up-front cost while being able to assist them with branding and promotion has been an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved. We look forward to expanding on this initiative. It creates exciting synergy between ourselves and other like minded organizations and we love being able to see the positive impact of our clothing. We've been very consistent about communicating our social mission, so we consider Thread Funding to be a great asset to that mission (although...we wish we had thought of it sooner!) 


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