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With more than 170 portraits, Marie Staggat's new book, titled 313ONELOVE, captures some of the most influential Techno and House artists from Detroit. 

Although originally from Berlin, Staggat was introduced to the Berlin - Detroit connection in 2010 while working at the Tresor Club. Techno's history is rich in both cities and once she made her initial trip to the Motor City, the culture and atmosphere had a profound affect on her.

"There was a lot of media hype that Detroit was dangerous, dead, and poor. When I arrived, I couldn’t seem to find any of these attributes portrayed by the media. I saw a different side of Detroit. From the beginning and evermore, it was love at first sight. Unconditional love."

The way she approached the photography began with the simple idea of focusing on parts of the body that musicians use to perform their craft. 

"My initial focus was on the artists' hands and ears. Yes, I know it sounds odd, but if you think about it, hands and ears are their tools — in addition to their creative minds and hearts."

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Staggat took many photos on that first trip to Detroit and when she returned to Berlin, she wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do with them, although she knew it had to properly pay tribute to the city's dance music culture. 

"I wanted to do something special. Create something, something that would last and continue on, something one can hold in their hands, something to show their children one day, a piece of history to hang on to, and something that could not just be deleted in this digital world." 

Featured artists in 313ONELOVE are Amp Fiddler, Carl Craig, Claude Young, Chez Damier, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Dez Andres, Juan Atkins, Kenny Larkin, Kevin Saunderson, Mad Mike Banks, Mike Huckaby, Moodymann (Kenny Dixon Jr.), Marcellus Pittman, Anthony Shake Shakir and Robert Hood amongst others.

Her publication is not only a heartfelt dedication to the electronic music community, it is also a charity project that will support Detroit based children of all ages, who all share a strong passion and love for music.

"It is a love affair with electronic music.
A love affair with Detroit." 

The book will be available in all Carhartt WIP stores + at the launch events. Find out more here.

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