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A Website That Masters Your Songs For Just $5

A new website that instantly masters your music for just $5 has hit the market and we put it to the test. is a new website which takes a song and through an internal algorithm, masters it almost instantly. At first glance it's easy to brush off a service that claims to go toe-to-toe with professional mastering, so we over at Magnetic decided to put it to the test. 

In the test I uploaded two versions of one of my own tracks (one bounced at -6Db for mastering headroom and one at 0) into and compared them to my own master, and a Dzeko and Torres master since they are similar in style and feel.  

Here were my results: 

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  • My master and the Dzeko and Torres master were both wider and warmer than the Cloudbounce masters. 
  • Both Cloudbounce tracks barely had a difference between the two songs, meaning it doesn't really matter much if a song has headroom or is already at 0 Db when exported. 
  • Both Cloudbounce masters had more dynamic range than the other two.
  • Both Cloudbounce masters hit around -12Db RMS which was about 5-6 Db below my own and the Dzeko and Torres master, but still a professional level.
  • Cloudbounce added a tiny bit of silence at the beginning of the songs when it exports, which can be good or bad, I just had to delete it to line up all of the songs. 


If you are a newer producer or strapped for cash and want a quick and easy master for your songs, look no further! For a service that charges $5 for mastering a song, is extremely impressive! "EDM" songs specifically are dealing with the issue of the "loudness wars" so my song was meant to be louder and with less dynamic range. I think cloudbounce's algorithm did a good job of mastering both versions, especially had they been of a different genre (non-EDM). The dynamic range was what caught my eye, and most professional masters are suggested to be around -12 to -6 Db RMS, so Cloudbounce achieved that. Of course both other masters were louder and wider because the masters were specifically tailored to the songs with purpose and audience in mind. 

Final thoughts:

  • is a great website and will help a lot of newer or less financially stable producers, but there is still nothing that truly compares to a professionally mastered track. 

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