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an-ten-nae at envison festival

An-Ten-Nae At Envision 2015 

Adam Ohana is no stranger to the world of music festivals. Better known as An-Ten-Nae and one-half of the spellbinding duo Dimond Saints with Releece, the multi-faceted producer from Oakland has become a legacy act on transformational lineups across the globe with his crunk-inspired sound.

He's watched over the scene with care through a roller coaster ride of changes. He's seen new faces come and go, continually learning and feeding off the energy of fellow musicians and fans alike to create his own unique body of work and live show. 

Dimond Saints was a true evolution of this change, straying from crunchier and glitch-laden instrumentations to focus on visceral vocals and pure emotion. Each project has its own place in the scene, but Ohana continues to innovate with his sound profile and his experimentation knows no bounds.

Next up is Envision Festival on the luscious beaches of Costa Rica, a place he's become very familiar with throughout years of festival hopping. We were able to catch up with An-Ten-Nae before he makes haste to Uvita and hear his thoughts on the sold-out festival, Dimond Saints, and much more. 

What excites you most about returning to Envision for another year?   

The people, the vibe, and those beautiful sunsets. 

How would you describe Envision to someone who has never been?

A magical adventure with old and new friends in one of the most amazing settings. A place to learn from one another and dance with the sun and moon on our faces. 

Tell us about the Medicine Crunk style of music you have created and why you think it’s a good fit for the Envision audience? 

The beats grab you from the inside out and make you want to dance effortlessly. I also believe my music exudes uplifting and positive vibes, which really fits well with the people. It also drips of sexy beats that fit perfectly with the tropical atmosphere.

How would you describe the difference between your Dimond Saints sound and An-Ten-Nae? 

Dimond Saints is the project of Releece and I, and we play all our own music live. We will also be debuting a lot of new music from our upcoming album Prism in The Dark. With An-Ten-Nae, I am hoping to feed off the energy of the crowd and create a new Medicine Crunk Mixtape out of my set there. 

envision festival costa rica

Music, community, and dance

As someone who has been in the festival scene for a long time, how do you feel about the progression of festivals over the past 5 years?

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I definitely see a trend of bringing more art, workshops, and overall more community involvement beyond just music. Envision is a good example of this.

Beyond Envision, what are you looking forward to most about 2016, both in and out of the music world? 

Really looking forward to Dimond Saints at LIB, and Symbiosis. Also looking forward to Bernie Sanders being the White House!

Can you tell us anything about more new music from An-Ten-Nae and Dimond Saints? Anything big we should be expecting soon?

Dimond Saints has a new album in the works called Prism In The Dark. It features some amazing live instrumentation and guest vocalists. Both Releece and I are so excited to share this album this spring. 

As for An-Ten-Nae, a new Medicine Crunk mix and an album is in the works. So musically in 2016 all cylinders are on and pushing forward exploring new sounds. 

What music in any genre have you been inspired by lately, or just can’t stop listening to?

I have to say, as Dimond Saints we just finished this collaboration with Yaarrohs, and I literally can't stop listening to it. It is so addicting, so sexy.

envision festival beach costa rica

The elements combine at Envision

What is the biggest struggle that comes with being a creator, and how do you combat that struggle? 

I always have that desire to push my sound forward into new territories, so there are a lot of tracks that never get put out. I just say to myself "keep pushing keep pushing."

How do you translate the emotions you feel in everyday life into your music? 

My music is one big emotion! Every song I'm involved with contains the inner me somehow sprinkled into it 

envision 2016


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