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Listen to an Interview with a 20 year-old Aphex Twin from 1992

Aphex Twin discusses the beginning of his musical career in an interview from 1992
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Aphex Twin Just Released 10 New Songs On His Secret Soundcloud

Whenever an Aphex Twin interview surfaces it is usually big news, even if it's from over 20 years ago. Richard D. James has always been one of the most interesting artists in electronic music and it's a pleasure to hear him talk about his process.

Electronic Beats recently rediscovered an Aphex Twin interview from 1992 that features the experimental producer discussing various topics. He describes how he's been producing since he was 13, but has only just started releasing records. It's safe to say that he's always had a large collection of tracks that he hasn't released, which is evident in the surprise uploads that have been surfacing in recent years.

You can listen to the new old Aphex Twin interview in full, which starts around 38:00 in the stream below.

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