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Baauer is turning his back on his hit Youtube sensation 'Harlem Shake' that launched his career, calling it "corny and annoying as fuck" in a recent interview with Rolling Stone

The track, which was produced in 2007 while Baauer was in school for audio engineering in Harlem, blew up in 2013 after being made into a video by a New York based communications company. The video went viral and the rest is history.

This sudden burst in streaming would prompt Billboard to revise the way it calculated a song's popularity, for the first time including Youtube plays in their metrics. 

“It became corny and annoying as fuck, and my name was attached to that,” says Baauer. The Youtube video now has over 55 million plays.

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“I look at Kanye, who lives in that 24/7, and I can’t imagine what kind of a person you must be to deal with that,” says Baauer when describing the crazed fame that the track brought him. “Just getting the smallest little touch of that experience was too much for me.”

Although 'Harlem Shake' was a huge sensation, it didn't make Baauer loads of money. He says, “the opportunities it presented were priceless, but actual revenue, I don’t even know.”

Now Baauer is getting set to release his debut album, Aa, via LuckyMe and has tapped a number of artists to appear on the release including M.I.A., Pusha T, Future, Rustie, Novelist, Leikeli47 and Tirzah. He's shared the lead single from the album 'Day Ones' which you can listen to below.

Aa will be released March 18th via LuckyMe.

[above photo by Leah Gair]

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