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'BADMAN' - Ragga Twins [Magnetic Premiere]

Hackney's Ragga Twins, a.k.a Deman Rocker and Flinty Badman, rip the 'Bad Man' reigns back from Skrillex...

Hackney hailing brothers, the Ragga Twins a.k.a Deman Rocker and Flinty Badman (David and Trev to their mates), are the quintessential and historical Jungle madmen. They currently dabble in many of our favourite arenas - electronic, dub and hardcore - and after the success of their recent tune 'Vigilante', are now ready to serve up a steaming helping of their latest Jungle curry, 'Badman'. 

Skrillex’s remix of 'Badman' was released in advance of the original and has notched up over 6 million SoundCloud plays to date. Today however, the Ragga Twins are skinning it back with the premiere of 'Badman' in it’s classic and untouched format. The tune reps a reggae core, is peppered with laidback dancehall vibes and is then rolled all over in a smooth glossy coat of dub rhythm.

'Badman' is due out on Friday, the 4th March via Fatback Records.

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