There are few memorable moments as one goes further down the rabbit hole of electronic music. For me, an obvious element that makes any event get seared into my brain eternally, falls into the hands of the music that I hear. Bespoke Musik, a label and promoter based in Brooklyn, had an event at the Paperbox one night in the summer of 2014.  It was there that my ears stumbled upon the music selection of their resident DJ, Baez. 

Baez's style and range were new to my ears and the way he brilliantly fused his tracks with each transition was beyond moving. Since then, I enthusiastically follow his music on Soundcloud and make it a point to check back for any new sets, since I have listened to them all countless times. It is now with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to showcase his talents on Magnetic Mag. 

Jason Baez, goes by his last name, Baez. Born in Passaic, New Jersey and raised in the Dominican Republic, he was always surrounded by traditional latin elements. It wasn't until a friend gave him a CD with the track, "Xpander" by Sasha, that he truly fell in love with electronic music. 

"The track gave me goosebumps, I was almost teary-eyed."

Moved by the track, he immediately investigated other similar sounds. In 2001, Baez found himself en route to Miami to pursue a computer animation degree, but along with that was a new special interest in electronic music. 

"I really have to thank Sasha for 'Xpander' because it was that one song that brought me into this amazing world."


Baez clearly remembers his first bar gig, it was in South Beach at Laundry Bar in 2005. Apparently it was a go-to destination if you needed to get some laundry done whilst listening to good music and drink at their bar. 

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"Miami used to be behind in electronic music, but now I think it's a place where people come to explore it." 

With true Miami spirit, Baez continued his own exploration of the culture, one that has instilled a very intensive process of listening and selecting tracks for his DJ sets. This routine has him filtering, categorizing and handpicking songs every week as he goes through an average of 2,000 tracks. 

"What influences me the most is the music itself, how I connect with it and if I would enjoy it on the dancefloor. I try not to prepare my sets with just one type of sound, they kind of fluctuate between many different elements."


Baez wasn't just recognized for his skill and talent. I was impressed to learn that the Miami News Times had ranked him as the hardest working DJ in their Best of 2013 poll. Baez approaches his profession with such passion and dedication, spending countless hours working behind the screen so that, you don't have to.

Baez currently works alongside Rocky, the founder of Bespoke Musik, in helping promote the unique sound of the brand in Miami and encouraging new music to be brought to our ears. Bespoke Musik has been known to bring to light artists such as Bedouin, Oceanvs Orientalis, and Rampue, acts we wouldn't have normally had access to because they weren't originally the "big" names. 

"As a promoter when you bring artists that are unknown into the states, you're taking a financial risk and, most of the time because of this, the artists have a different level of respect and admiration because you trusted in their music when a lot of people didn't know who they were. That's a great chemistry to have between the artist and the promoter. This positive relationship will ultimately trickle down to what's important, a great event." 

Baez Promo 2.jpg

However, there is no need to go far from the US to find hidden gems. Now everyone can hear for themselves. Baez has taken the time to create an all-new and exclusive mix for Magnetic Magazine, which you can listen to above.

Check out BAEZ on Facebook and Soundcloud!

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