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Beyoncé Drops Powerful New Single 'Formation' + Announces World Tour

The Queen B is back

There's not much I can say about Beyonce that hasn’t already been said. The woman is an absolute machine when it comes to making hits, selling albums and being THE role model for women everywhere. From humble beginnings to becoming the Queen, it looks like Beyonce is gearing up once again for her next project. 'Formation', her new track exclusively on Tidal, shows Beyonce in a new light. This is not the nice, cute Beyonce from Destiny’s Child. This is a grown ass women making grown ass music. What I mean by that is Beyonce is at the place where she has the platform to say anything. Everything she does will reach a large audience and that much power is dangerous for some people, Beyonce is not one of them.

This new track represents Beyonce's place at the top of the totem pole of music. The booming 808s and the Trap influence make this song seem larger than life while the lyrics imitate her past to her now very successful present. She speaks on her parents, husband, culture and race all in a track that seems to have that party vibe. I think the message she’s trying to convey here is to go get yours and to follow your dreams no matter where you come from or what you look like. Check out the music video below or go download it if you're using Tidal. 

Oh, and if you didn't happen to catch B's Superbowl commercial, she's going back on tour. You can see the video about that at the bottom of this post. Tickets go on sale starting Monday, Feb. 15 at Beyhive Fan Club Members & American Express card members pre-sale starts on Feb. 9.

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