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British and American Partygoers Detained by Chinese Police After Raid on Rave

Rave gets shut down by Chinese police, detaining 300 people including British, American and Chinese citizens.
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Photo from social media reportedly showing the crowd that was detained after the party

Photo from social media reportedly showing the crowd that was detained after the party

Chinese authorities detained British and American patrons after a raid on a rave took place over the weekend in Shenzhen, China.

The Guardian reports that police stormed a party called The Real Deal, which was underway on the outskirts of the city, taking place in an abandoned tunnel. About 300 British, American and Chinese citizens were said to be in detained and were put on buses to be processed and drug tested, of which 119 tested positive for drugs. Now, 93 are said to still be in custody, including approximately 50 foreigners.

An American witness described the scene and said that police showed up and surrounded the party dressed in full riot gear. Panic erupted and everyone scattered. 

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“It was like a stampede. My friend almost got run over. If it was more people, someone could have definitely got hurt,” said the witness.

British embassy spokesperson in Beijing said: “We are currently providing consular support to a group of British nationals detained in Shenzhen over the weekend.” 6 are said to still be in custody.

Since 2012, party organizers have been throwing raves in the same tunnel "every few months," hosting numerous international and local talent. The American witness said that many who attend are expats, saying, "I feel like this is a way to send a signal to the expat community."


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