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Cazion Bring Us Back with an Old School Rave Footage Music Video

Cazion's "All The Way Thru" will make you nostalgic for 1992

L.A. producers Eli Epstein aka Photocall along with Jimmy Maheras of the record label Plastic Love, have come together as Cazion for their first release together. The tune entitled "All The Way Thru" is a rave-heavy bomb that makes us nostalgic for 1992, when acts like 2 Bad Mice, Altern-8, and The Prodigy were ruling the underground dance scene.  

The throwback, early 1990s inspired tune 'All The Way Thru' not only pays homage to that golden era, but additionally was inspired by a viral video where two ravers were filmed dancing maniacally sans music rather than trying to find their car following the shutdown of a large outdoor rave in rural England.

Cazion: "Like the dancers we sampled," Photocall agrees. "The vocal snippets are from a British video that was shot on  New Years Day, 1993, the morning after a giant rave. It's the middle of some field, people are pushing their cars out of the mud, and this one couple is still dancing their asses off. They don't care that there's no music playing; they're totally in the zone. My man DJ Duane happened to send us the link as we were programming the drums for this record, and something just clicked. We knew we were making this record for those two crazy kids, wherever they are. Possibly still in that field."   

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In addition, the guys put together a campy video for the track that features a collage of old school ravers all dancing their asses off, including their two favorite ravers in that field.

'All The Way Thru' by Cazion is available for purchase over at Beatport

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