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Atlanta-based producer Chris Hunt focuses on the texture and atmosphere of sound. After his band Cloudeater broke up he began focusing on a new personal and intense sonic project. Tomb and Tomb II, his first 2 "solo" EPs, are the resulting product of years of writing and experimenting, with a final result that is truly remarkable. 

Armed with harsh noise and lush cinematic textures melded with emotive passages, his recent music was developed in a timeline marked by a tree crushing a house, grueling heartbreak and the death of Hunt's sister. The projects draw all of these experiences together in a cataclysm of sound and collapse.

Recorded between Atlanta and New York, Tomb was constructed using an array of traditional drums, classic synthesizers and tape machines ultimately to be pulled apart and rebuilt with layers of dense digital manipulation and analog distortions. With this unique way of producing, Hunt is able to deliver a collection of tracks that defy classification, allowing the listener to be completely immersed in his music.

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Video directed by Alexander Zhuravlov
Featuring Nathan Griswold and Tara Lee

Ultimatum is taken from his forthcoming EP titled TombPre-order/Purchase

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