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CityHub: For The "Digital Native Traveler" in Search of an Authentic Experience

CityHub combines the community feel of a hostel with the intimacy of a hotel

Today's travelers are constantly looking for the underground cultural scene, off the beaten path of the general tourism route. It's this new wave of "digital native travelers" that inspired CityHub Amsterdam, a new way for travelers to see the authentic side of the city.


CityHub combines the best parts of both a hostel, the communal way to stay, and hotels, a more intimate setting. With their "Cabin Hubs" patrons can find solace as well as opportunities to mingle with fellow like minded travelers. They bring together these aspects in order to create an atmosphere that reveals the best possible way to travel. 


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Inside each Hub is a double bed, wifi, app-controlled lighting and personal music streaming. The bare necessities for a nice relaxing stay. But they also offer so much more. 


CityHub delivers everything you could ever need to explore the city. Exploring is encouraged and with a proper "home base" you can feel comfortable stumbling upon something you wouldn't expect.

Visit to find out more.

[via: TrendLand]

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