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Coachella Looks to Add Yet Another Music Festival

City officials and Goldenvoice aim to establish a music festival in August
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Coachella (photo by Jason Persse)

Coachella (photo by Jason Persse)

With one of the most successful festival brands on the market, Goldenvoice and Coachella are looking to add another event to the festival circuit.

Coachella expanded to two weekends back in 2012 and recently announced and east coast version for 2016, but now are apparently aiming to add an August edition as well. 

According to The Desert Sun, Glenn Miller, Mayor of India, CA is working with festival organizers to bring more events to the city due to it's outstanding economic advantages. 

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“It brings a different group into the community that wouldn’t be here in the summer heat, so it brings in money, business and jobs to the city," say Miller.

Must festivals in Indio already bring in an estimated $1.4 million to the city, but with another festival that number could rise to about $2.7 million.

“You just can't buy that kind of advertisement because it’s worldwide," adds Miller. "It gives the city of Indio a new opportunity."

Check out the lineup for Coachella 2016 and look out for the lineup for the east coast version, Panorama, coming soon.

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