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Over the course of the past month deadmau5 has been gracing us with loads of new material and each time he shares a new track, it seems like he's progressing back to his true form. At the end of 2015 he may have hit a rough patch, picking fights with Skrillex on Twitter and deleting his social media accounts. He apologized for those antics soon after and got right back to work in his new studio. These new tracks may be the product of his newfound dedication to his craft. 

The newest uploads from deadmau5 come in the form of 'gg' and 'saved', two progressive and anthemic tracks that possess the distinct sound profile that deadmau5 built his reputation on. No news has been given regarding possible release dates or context for the tracks, but loyal fans will be elated to hear his new work. Listen to the streams below and stay posted for more new music that will surely be coming soon.

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