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Diplo for Bernie Sanders, Joins Zedd, Steve Aoki and Porter Robinson in Opposition to Donald Trump

EDM's biggest names begin to sound off regarding the 2016 presidential candidates
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It's widely known that most of your favorite dance music artists will not be supporting Donald Trump's run for presidency. Recently many have been sounding off on social media, either expressing their distaste for Trump or showing support for a Democrat, mainly Bernie Sanders. One of the most outspoken supporters of Bernie is none other than the bass wielding producer Diplo. 

Even Steve Aoki is feeling the Bern. He announced his support via Twitter and then told TMZ that it would be a great idea to throw a rave rally for Bernie saying it would be "something that the whole nation can rally around.”

Bernie Sanders seems to be picking up steam as of late, but opposing Trump is an even hotter trend, although he just won out in Nevada and is looking like the clear front runner to get the Republican nomination. Some might be scared of the thought that he could possibly be the one in the White House and Porter Robinson thinks that could be one of the worst things that could happen.

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Another big name producer who strongly opposes Trump is the German EDM artist Zedd. He said he would move back to Germany if Trump took the White House and went so far as to buy toilet paper with Trump's face on it. We all know what he's doing with that, which is a clear indication of what he thinks of the Republican candidate.

[via: YourEDM]

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